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Human Rights in Southeast Asia


Course Description

The course is an introduction to the basic social, legal, and political issues, of Human Rights in Southeast Asia. It examines the definition of Human Rights in major international treaties, and how they are promoted and protected.
The course examines the rights of groups such as women, children, persons with disabilities and migrant workers, refugee, and statlessperson, indigenous and minority groups, and how human rights relate to the environment, business, and development.

Summary of This Course

  [1] Fundamentals of human Rights
   #This class explains the main concepts of human rights, such as universality, and examines the emergence of modern human rights from the UDHR

  [2] National and Regional Protection Mechanisms
   #This class examines the bodies which protect human rights in Southeast Asia such as ASEAN, National Human Rights Commissions, and Constitutions.

  [3] Women's Rights as Human Rights
   #This class examines women's human rights from the CEDAW treaty. It defines discrimination and investigates how this occurs in the wokplace and in politics.

  [4] Child Rights
   #This class discusses the Convention on the Rights of the Child, key children rights, and rights of children to education, health, and at work.

  [5] Rights of Persons With Disabilities
   #This class discusses discrimination faced by People with a disability (PWDs) and their human rights in the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

  [6] Indigenous and Minority Rights
   #Overview of rights of Indigenous and minority groups in Southeast Asia, the development of standards for the rights of indigenous and minority groups, and challenges faced.

  [7] Sexuality
   #Defining sex, gender, and sexuality. Development of rights on sexual orientation and gender Identitiy. Challenges faced by these groups, and the response in ASEAN

  [8] Refugees
   #Overview of the Refugee Convention, and the development of refugee rights. Examination of the situation of refugees in Southeast Asia. What creates refugees, and how destination countries treat refugees.

  [9] Statelessness
   #This class details the causes of statelessness in Southeast Asia and the threats to the rights of stateless persons.

  [10] Migrant Workers
   #This class explains the development of migrant workers rights in international law. It discusses the discrimation faced by migrant workers and the threat of trafficking.

  [11] Development and Human Rights
   #This class looks at the right to development, and the Rights Based Approach (RBA) to Development. It looks at violations occuring in the development process, and who is affected by this.

  [12] Environment
   #This class explores the links between the environment and human rights by explaining the right to a clean environemnt,substantive rights and procedural rights.

  [13] Human Rights and Business
   #This class discusses the human rights obligations of business.

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