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2022 Korean Alphabet Course by ACU-CUK

Enrollment is Closed


The "2022 Korean Alphabet Course by ACU-CUK" is an online program jointly organized by the ACU Secretary (Korea Education and Research Information Service) and the Korean Language Education Institute of the Cyber University of Korea (CUK). A four-week long program focused on the Korean Alphabet Hangeul, this course is mainly suitable for learners who want to begin learning the Korean Alphabet at a slow and steady pace.

Learning Goals

The course is an introduction to the basic social, legal, and political issues, of Human Rights in Southeast Asia. It examines the definition of Human Rights in major international treaties, and how they are promoted and protected.

Course Operation Period

Period : June 8, 2022 ~ July 6, 2022

Course Level

(This course is targeted to learners who have never learned Korean in the past)


To complete this course successfully, you should have:

1. A basic knowledge of teaching/learning(pedagogy)

2. Some instructing or instructional design experience

3. Fluency of English

Evaluation Standard

Evaluation Standard
Item Title Score(Rate) Implementing Week Method Remarks
Final Exam
Total 100

Summary of Curriculum

Summary of Curriculum
Topics and activities Content name and URL Remarks

Textbook & References

Course materials to be uploaded in the LMS page

Additional learing resources can be accessed in the "Quick Korean 1" page (Click here to access the contents)

Professor Information

Ms Seungja JEON
Korean Language Education Institute
The Cyber University of Korea (CUK)
Hello, Let me introduce myself...

T.A. Information

Ms Jeongju MIN
Korean Language Education Institute
The Cyber University of Korea (CUK)
A friend of you who loves KOREA

How to provide assistance for learners

What does this course cover specifically?

You can learn about various medical engineering fields such as anatomy, physiology, medical mechanical engineering, biomaterial engineering, electronic medical equipment, medical imaging, etc. and problem solving based on actual cases.

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