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Theory and Application of Online Learning

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This course presents material regarding the theory and practice of online learning starting from the basic concepts, principles, forms, and models of online learning which form the basis for designing, developing, up to the process of evaluating online learning products (e-learning). The series of material in this course aims to enable students to apply, study, make designs, utilize science and technology, and solve problems related to the implementation of online learning. This course has a final product orientation in the form of e-learning which is developed using a free LMS platform that applies a strong theoretical foundation.

Learning Goals

This course provides a theoretical basis related to online learning development as well as basic practice in developing an online course in the free Learning Management System (Moodle/Google Classroom).
The material topics that will be discussed in this course are:
1. Basic Concept of Online Learning
2. The Forms and Models of Online Learning
3. Designing Online Learning in Learning Management Systems (LMS)
4. Perform Basic Settings in the Learning Management System (LMS)
5. Developing Online Learning Content in Learning Management Systems.
6. Identify a Variety of Online Resources into Learning Management Systems
7. Combines Various Online Learning Evaluation Tools into Learning Management System.
8. Evaluate the Success of Online Learning.

Course Operation Period

Period : October 1, 2023 ~ December 31, 2023

Course Level



To complete this course successfully, you should have:

Basic skills in using online learning applications.

Professor Information

Sella Mawarni
Universitas Negeri Makassar
I am a lecturer at the Educational Technology Study Program, Universitas Negeri Makassar. The educational background is undergraduate majoring in Educational Technology at Yogyakarta State University and masters in Instructional Technology majoring at the same university. My area of interest is concerned with the application of study and ethical practice to facilitate learning and improve performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. I am actively involved in several research developments and have developed digital books, e-learning, MOOCs, mobile learning, micro-learning, and multimedia applications at the higher education level.
Phone: +6283898318981 (WhatssApp)

How to provide assistance for learners

Who is suitable to take this course?

This course can be taken by students, practitioners or teachers who are interested in learning about basic theory and its application in developing online learning.

How is the learning interaction between the teacher and the participants in this course?

The material in the course can be accessed or studied independently by course participants, there are no synchronous online meetings with the instructor. There are assignments that are automatic assessments from the system and there are also assessments that are carried out manually by the teacher. Discussion forums are available on several topics to facilitate discussions between instructors and course participants. If course participants have questions to ask directly to the instructor, you can contact the instructor contact listed on the course instructor profile.

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