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Taste of Taekwondo

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This is a beginning level physical activity class that designed to introduce fundamentals of Taekwondo theories and techniques including Taekwondo concept, and principles of defensive and offensive techniques for students who want to taste Taekwondo as a martial-art, Olympic sport, self-defense, physical/mental training, hobby or just for fun. Topics covered include the following: basic stances; defensive techniques including dodging and blocking; offensive techniques including punching, striking, and kicking; and basic sparring(Kyorugi) and form(Poomsae) techniques.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of the course the student will be able to understand the following: 1. Understanding of Taekwondo concept. 2. Understanding of Taekwondo as a martial-art and Olympic sport. 3. Acquiring a basic knowledge of the following: • Basic stances • Basic defensive techniques: dodging/blocking techniques: distance management, low, middle, and high-section block • Basic offensive techniques: punching, striking, kicking techniques • Basic sparring(Kyorugi), form(Poomsae), demonstration, and self-defense techniques.

Course Operation Period

Period : September 18, 2023 ~ October 23, 2023

Professor Information

Professor Jung Heon Kim Ph.D.

T.A. Information

Hyeong seok Oh
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