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Strategies for Learning and Teaching in Digital Ages

Hanoi University of Science and Technology
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This course investigates theoretical and practical online learning strategies in Digital Ages such as for Instructional media, online assessment, flipped learning, mobile learning methods and Communication Strategies for Teaching. It supplies role of E-learning in Higher education and teaching trends in the future. Analyzing and designing an obvious course via mini project-based learning will be deployed.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: - Identify the basic concepts of learning and teaching in Digital Ages; - Recall the instructional media strategies - Recognize the importance of various useful tools applied for online teaching methods: OER, MOOC, SNS - Analyze the teaching strategies using instructional media to develop a mini-course; - Practice the steps to basically form the instructional skills in digital ages; - Aware of the need to practice the instructional skills in digital ages.

Course Operation Period

September 2, 2019 ~ October 27, 2019

Course Level


Evaluation Standard

Evaluation Standard
Item Title Score(Rate) Implementing Week Method Remarks
Assignment Practice 10 Topic 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 Online Quize LMS Gradebook
Discussion Seminar 10 Topic 5, 9 13 F2F Manual Assessment
Midterm Exam Midterm Exam 30 Week 6 Online Quiz LMS Gradebook
Final Exam Final Exam 50 Week 9 Writing Manual Assessment
Total 100

Summary of Curriculum

# of Week
No. Topic Title Remarks
1 Introduction to Learning and Teaching Strategies Face to Face (4h)
2 Use of Instructional Media for Teaching Online (2h)
3 Understanding Online Assessment Online (2h)
4 Communication Strategies for Teaching Online (2h)
5 Seminar I Face to Face (4h)
6 Teaching Strategies for Online Learning and Blended Learning Online (2h)
7 Teaching Strategies for Flipped Learning Online (2h)
8 Teaching Strategies for Mobile Learning Online (2h)
9 Seminar II Face to Face (4h)
10 Teaching Strategies with SNS Online (2h)
11 Teaching Strategies with Open Educational Resources and Open Courseware Online (2h)
12 Teaching Strategies with MOOC Online (2h)
13 Seminar III Face to Face (4h)

Textbook & References

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Lac “Teaching Method in Digital Ages” (.pdf)

Professor Information

Dr. Nguyen Thi Huong Giang
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
PhD in Education Science
Vice-Dean of the School of Engineering Pedagogy, HUST(2009~)

T.A. Information

MSc. Le Huy Cuong
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Master of Science in School of Information Communication Technology
Director of Network Information Center, HUST
Dr. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tu
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
PhD of Software Engineering
Manager in Software, System and Service Department; Lecture/Researcher
MSc. Bui Ngoc Son
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Education Science/ Vocaitonal Education
Lecturer of the School of Engineering Pedagogy, HUST(2000~)
MSc. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Computer Science
Instructional Designer, LMS administrator, Content Development Manager

How to provide assistance for learners

Offline Teaching Assistant will support learners.

Learners can refer to the manual materials for the course " Use of Insturctional Media for Teaching" in ACU-OER

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