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Introduction to Mobile Communications

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This course introduces the students to the wireless communication systems in both wireless LANs and cellular networks. Cellular mobile radio systems, propagation models, multi-path propagation effects, diversity and combining, noise and interference are discussed. Analog and digital modulation techniques and their performance measures, multiple access techniques such as FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA are discussed.

Learning Goals

To provide the basic and advanced technology and concepts of wireless and cellular networks To provide a wide-range of general knowledge on wireless and communication systems

Course Operation Period

JULY 5, 2019 ~ SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

Course Level


Evaluation Standard

Evaluation Standard
Item Title Score(Rate) Implementing Week Method Remarks
Assignment Assingment 20 Every Week Online -
Discussion Discussion 10 Week 6 In person -
Midterm Exam Midterm Exam 30 Week 4 Online -
Final Exam Final Exam 40 Week 7 Online -
Total 100

Summary of Curriculum

# of Week
No. Topic Title Remarks
1 Representation of a Signal -
2 Propagation and Transmission System -
3 Mobile Communication System -
4 Cellular Communication System -
5 CDMA System -
6 IMT-2000 System -
7 MIMO and Antenna Technologies -

Textbook & References


Professor Information

Dr. Nyan Lin
University of Information Technology
Computer Technology

T.A. Information

Dr. K Zin Lin
University of Information Technology
Computer Technology
Daw Aie Su Su Kyi
University of Information Technology
Computer Technology

How to provide assistance for learners

Lesson pdf and materials will be delivered by e-mail or download from LMS if provided.

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