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[ACUxKangwon] CPR and First Aid (2022)

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This course is to learn how to give immediate First Aid to people who are injured or suddently ill in daily life.

Learning Goals

Practice CPR (adults, children, infants) and First Aid

Certificate of completion of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) granted to those who have completed one-response First Aid training

Course Operation Period

September - December, 2022 (15 weeks)

Course Level



To complete this course successfully, you should have:

1. A basic knowledge of teaching/learning(pedagogy)

2. Some instructing or instructional design experience

3. Fluency of English

Evaluation Standard

Evaluation Standard
Item Title Score(Rate) Implementing Week Method Remarks
Final Exam
Total 100

Summary of Curriculum

Summary of Curriculum
Topics and activities Content name and URL Remarks

Textbook & References

PHP 4 Web Programming, Lee, 2002

Professor Information

Byungjun CHO, Ph.D
Department of Paramedics, College of Health Sciences
Kangwon National University, Republic of KOREA

T.A. Information

Seungcheol CHOI
Kangwon National University, Republic of KOREA
  1. Course Number

  2. Classes Start

    2022 Fall Semester
  3. Classes End